With frogCamp we share the skills and mindsets that have allowed us to develop innovative products and services for over 40 years. We build the capabilities and processes that enable teams to transform the way they approach user centered design and innovation.

What We Do


We bring our best creative minds together to define the approaches that allow us to consistently deliver leading products and user centered design processes. We teach these ways of working via hands-on experiences and tools that can be swiftly adopted by individuals, teams, and organizations.


For clients who seek to not only develop ambitious ideas, but also to grow creative collaboration skills, we train teams as we go. The end result is both a unique new product, and the tools to help nurture leading ideas and creative problem solving within the wider organization.


For clients seeking to transform how they work across their organization, we partner closely to define design and innovation processes tailored to their specific needs and culture.


Through partnerships with leading educational institutions, and by making select methods and tools available to everyone, we share our approaches to the global community of design and entrepreneurship.

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"I truly enjoyed the learning of a different way to think. The critical thinking far exceeded my expectations." - Senior Executive at Honeywell in a four-day frogCamp event