We design new solutions, systems and strategies that address the needs and aspirations of underserved communities around the world. Our work leverages a human-centered approach and our expertise in emerging low-cost technologies. We foster an open, collaborative, and multidisciplinary approach to innovation that delivers meaningful and measurable impact.
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Our work spans across global health, agriculture, learning and education, gender empowerment, disaster relief, and financial inclusion.

What We Do

Social Innovation Strategy

We collaborate with organizations and partner networks to establish a shared, long-term vision that drives enthusiasm and commitment. We co-design the products, services, strategic frameworks, business models, and roadmaps that align activities and resources around that vision.

Participatory Research & Prototyping

We open up the innovation process to the individuals and communities that will benefit from it. We quickly translate research insights into experiences, using design tools and processes that stimulate iterative refinement through collaboration.

Social Innovation Labs

We organize high-intensity, multi-disciplinary working sessions that bring together diverse organizations and stakeholders to collaboratively answer a common issue, identify new opportunities, or agree on a shared mission.

Cross-sector Partnerships

We foster partnerships between the public, private, and social sector, to sustainably scale up solutions over time. We help to identify value ecosystems and shared resources to drive action and advocacy around common opportunities and benefits.

Design Capacity Building

We embed the organizations we collaborate with in our human-centered process. We provide training, mentorship, and support to incubate, grow, and sustain cultures of design and breakthrough innovation.