Experience Strategy

Build strong, lasting relationships with customers.

Industries, brands, products, services and customers are more connected than ever. This creates powerful new opportunities for businesses to establish meaningful relationships. 

However, as product and service ecosystems become more varied and complex, the experiences that businesses provide to their customers can feel increasingly fragmented and disconnected over time.

Our Experience Strategy service choreographs interactions between people and a brand’s products and services by assessing the quality of existing experiences, envisioning future opportunities, then planning and managing the deployment of a unified vision.

By aligning business efforts, processes and partners to meet people’s changing expectations, frog ensures the delivery of a cohesive experience across an evolving offering of products and services, building strong and long-lasting customer relationships.

Experience Strategy Offerings

Experience Assessment

We evaluate the quality of your current product and service experience against evolving human needs and expectations in the market.

Experience Envisioning

We define a vision for the evolution of your brand's products and services, identifying memorable moments that will differentiate your offering in the market.

Experience Planning

We help you align your product development efforts across business units to support the Experience Vision.

Experience Management

We help you develop the culture, processes, and capabilities to manage and sustain the Experience Vision over time.

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